Wear motorcycle helmets

Celebrate National Motorcycle Day

California Motorcycle Helmet Law and Other Things to Know as a Motorcyclist If you’re one of the more than 800,000 motorcyclists in California, today is your day! Every second Friday of July is National Motorcycle Day, a day to celebrate motorcycle culture, as well as promoting the safety of riding motorcycles. Before you rev up your...Continue reading

California truck accident lawyers

What to Do After a Truck Accident

California Truck Accident Lawyer According to the National Safety Council (NSC), there were over 100,000 truck crashes in 2020, resulting in nearly 5,000 fatalities. While truck accidents occur less frequently than car accidents, their sheer size and weight make crashes far deadlier than your average auto accident.  Interstate 15, which cuts through San Bernardino County...

Teenage Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident.

A Guide to Different Types of Car Accidents

Types of Car Accidents In 2020, there were 4.6 million injuries due to non-work-related car accidents. If you were one of the millions of people injured in a car accident, you should consider filing a claim. However, the value of your claim is dependent on the types of car accidents and the losses you suffered...