A Guide to Different Types of Car Accidents

Types of Car Accidents

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In 2020, there were 4.6 million injuries due to non-work-related car accidents. If you were one of the millions of people injured in a car accident, you should consider filing a claim. However, the value of your claim is dependent on the types of car accidents and the losses you suffered because of the accident.

Keep reading to find out what type of accident is most like yours so you can have a better chance of winning your claim.

Rear-End Collisions

One of the most common types of car accidents is rear-ended collisions. These types of accidents happen most often when people aren’t paying attention or are following too closely to a car in front of traffic.

These can also happen when traffic stops suddenly and some motorists aren’t paying attention. Rear-end collisions can also be caused by impaired, distracted, or tired driving.

Injuries sustained in a rear-end crash can range from minor to severe. Even if you’re rear-ended at a low speed, you could suffer from serious injuries like spinal cord problems, broken bones, or whiplash.

Hit-and-Run Accidents

Hit-and-run car accidents occur when a driver hits another car and then flees the scene without leaving identifying information. According to California Penal Code § 20001, hit-and-run accidents can be charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony.

There can be many reasons that cause the at-fault driver to leave the scene. The driver could be afraid of getting into trouble with law enforcement. He or she might also not have a valid driver’s license or be intoxicated. These types of accidents can be challenging to fight against, but a personal injury lawyer can help you get compensated.

A good lawyer will help you track down the driver based on the license plate number, identification, or type of vehicle.

Single Car Accident

A single-car accident only involves one car, but that doesn’t always mean that the driver is always at fault.

For example, poor road maintenance or improper roadside signage can cause single car accidents. Bad weather can also play a factor and make the roads slippery.

If your accident was caused by something out of your control, then you still have a claim.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents

A multiple-vehicle accident involving two or more vehicles usually result in serious injuries and property damage.

Often, one car will hit another, then push the car into the back of another, depending on how much force they hit the car with.

If a car hits another car from an angle, the car can spin out and then hit other cars. This would increase the number of injuries in one car accident.

Side Impact Collisions

When you’re in a side-impact collision, this happens when a vehicle hits your car at a perpendicular angle. This is also known as a T-bone because of the T shape that the two cars make.

These types of accidents are especially dangerous for people on the side that is near the impact. For example, if a car runs into the driver’s side, the driver is at a higher risk for injuries than the passenger would be.

Also, the sides of the vehicles aren’t as thick as the front or the back, so there’s less material to absorb the impact from a collision.

These types of accidents happen when drivers don’t stop at intersections, don’t yield, or ignore other safety road signs. The driver could be impaired, distracted, or even just driving recklessly. Oftentimes, they happen when drivers are trying to run a stop sign or red light, which establishes a clear at-fault and could be beneficial to your claim.

Intersection Incidents

Accidents are frequent at busy intersections, and they can happen when people don’t yield the right of way. They could also make the wrong turns, change lanes in an intersection, or ignore the traffic signs and signals.

Intersection incidents can also be caused when a driver tries to speed up to beat a red light.

Backend Collision

A driver is backing out of a parking spot or driveway, and accidentally rear-ends your car. Because these collisions happen in areas where the speed limit is generally lower, the injuries from this type of accident isn’t as severe.

But if a driver is speeding, then the injuries and damages can be severe.

Head-On Collision

A head-on collision happens when one vehicle crashes into the front of another vehicle. These aren’t as common, but they can be the most dangerous.

Oftentimes, this can happen when a driver is driving the wrong way down a one-way road or if they’re drunk, distracted, or tired.

The driver could also have a medical emergency, like a heart attack, and lose control of the car. When this happens, the car ends up crossing into other lanes of traffic and hit a car head-on. Even if it was a complete accident, you could still be entitled to compensation.


A rollover crash can either be a single or multiple-vehicle crash. The vehicle will complete a roll, and the car would turn over onto its side or roof.

The injuries from these types of accidents can be severe, and many people often lose their lives in this type of accident.

Discover More Types of Car Accidents

If you’ve been in any of these car accidents and suffered injuries due to another person’s negligence, you can file a claim and get compensation for your injuries.

However, depending on the type of crash, winning your case can be challenging.

Contact our Rancho Cucamonga car accident lawyers to see how we can help you file a claim.

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